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Still working on that clothing deal, keep the faith. Blog ain't going anywhere.

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Daily Hits:
7 Minutes with EPMD's Scratch:

I don't know if this quite lives up to the video's title of it being "the best 7 minutes of your life," but DJ Scratch's routine is certainly worth a few minutes of your time. Keep an eye out for Scratch tucking his chain during MOP's Ante Up, you can never be too careful when that song comes on.

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1/25/2015 4:30:00 PM posted by 1

Memphis Bleek discusses Coming of Age, Ewing, and Clubbing at 15 on Highly Questionable:

I'm not sure what it says about the state of hip hop journalism, or perhaps more accurately what it says about the specific hip hop outlets that I've been checking for lately, but ESPN's Highly Questionable was far and away the best source of rap-related interviews in 2015. (Honorable mention to HipHopDX for the overall interview of the year with Marti Shkreli.) This past week had one of Highly Questionable's most entertaing interviews, featuring Jay-Z's former 15 year old protege/sidekick Memphis Bleek.

Highlights include Memph's somewhat unbelievable story about lending his Lexus to his high school teachers, Jay dismissing Bleek after he felt disrespected by the "Bleek could be a hit away his whole career" line, and Ewing forever missing that damn layup.

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1/10/2015 4:30:00 PM posted by 1

Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls:

Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls (Remix)

Back around the time that I was rocking Roos and sipping on Caprice Suns, it wasn't out of the ordinary for a coordinated dance routine to break out in the middle of a rap song. These days it seems to be all or nothing; the only time you see a rap video with some dancing in it is when it's a song attempting to start up the next wedding dance craze. So it always catches my attention when a rap video features some sort of dancing, coordinated or otherwise. Not saying Baltimore's Tate Kobang is the next Kane or anything, but this video has gotten several replays from me.

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10/18/2015 4:30:00 PM posted by 1

This kid is a better dj than you (or me):

After dusting off a solid year's worth of accumulated dust from my turntables this past weekend, most of the muscle memory came back and I managed to get in a few solid cuts over the course of a long session. I was starting to feel pretty good about my foray back into the dj world, but then I made the mistake of flipping through facebook and watching the above video. Nothing can humble you faster than watching an 11 year old outperform you at something you've spent years practicing. Props to whoever this kid is (though some points on the routine must be deducted for cramming in a Drake track in the middle of an old school break beat mix).

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9/04/2015 4:30:00 PM posted by 1

When did Mac Miller get good at rap?:

Mac Miller - Diablo

I'm not the biggest Schoolboy Q fan, but his mentoring program deserves props for managing the difficult task of turning Mac Miller into a legitimate rapper. I can't lie, there have been a couple of Mac Miller songs that made it into my guilty pleasures playlist (Knock Knock and Nikes on My Feet made it on the strength of the beats) over the years, but his sudden rise from Lord Finesse beat jacker to Reddit's favorite rapper has been something of a surprise. A few more songs like Diablo and you might catch me jumping on the bandwagon.

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9/09/2014 4:30:00 PM posted by 1

Is this a Walmart ad or just the best video to come out of New Orleans in years?:

Mr. Ghetto - Walmart

"How does this video only have 32k views?" was the question that my man Bruno asked after I passed him the link to this video last night. As it turns out the video has actually hit about 200,000 views since it was released in 2011 (the original video with the higher view count seems to have been taken down), but still a valid question given all of the sights to be seen in this rather ground breaking approach to cross channel retail marketing.

I've now watched this video several times looking for proof that it contains some sort of subtle commentary on Walmart's assault on unions, living wages, and locally owned businesses, but I keep getting distracted by all of the acting skills on display. I suppose that I'll just have to watch it a few more times to be sure I haven't missed anything.

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9/03/2014 7:30:00 PM posted by 1

Bas and J.Cole celebrate the return of 33Jones!:

Bas featuring J. Cole - Made Bail

So for those of you who have diligently stuck around for the past two months while this site has been in limbo, thanks for your patience. Right now this site is being held together by the virtual equivalent of a discount roll of duct tape, but I've finally managed to get things back up and running. An army of script kiddies aided by the poorly managed webhosting company this site relies on led to an unexpected amount of downtime.

Nevertheless I've finally managed to clean everything up. This song from Bas just about sums up my feelings when I finally got the front page to load up properly.

Thanks again for sticking with me. New material coming soon, I swear. Cheers.

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8/14/2014 7:30:00 PM posted by 1

Record Scratching from the Vinyl's P.O.V. (DJ Woody):

DJ Woody - Vinyl P.O.V.

Unless you're a student of turntablism on the level of, say, Q-bert, you've probably never given much consideration to what record scratching looks like from the point of view of the vinyl that's getting scratched to death by the needle. As it turns out, thanks to some footage from DJ Woody, it's about as dizzying as you might expect.

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4/03/2014 7:30:00 PM posted by 1

Drumroll Please: Zilla Rocca and Geechi Suede of Camp Lo Team Up:

(Image: Zilla Rocca - Chi-town Drumroll)

Work has kept me away from this site far longer than I would have liked - and since none of you managed to pick a perfect bracket, both Warren Buffett and I will likely be gainfully employed for at least another year - but I would have been remiss if I let the latest release from Zilla pass without an official post on it. This new single, Chi-Town Drumroll featuring Geechi Suede of Camp Lo and Luchini fame, has a special place in the history of 33Jones as being part of one of the first contracts that we ever signed under our semi-official record label back in 2011. In the interim this song went through a few changes, including a complete overhaul of the beat by Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones.

Zilla Rocca featuring Geechi Suede - Chi-town Drumroll

It took a few years for the finished product, but the end result has been well worth the wait. And you know what else will be worth the wait? The full album this single is a part of, No Vacation For Murder, due out on April 11th. This album is going to be a hot item, and in case they run out of mp3s you might just want to go ahead and preorder the album now!

And you'll have to give me a late pass on posting this next one, but Zilla also recently released the first video from the album, a video that the Huffington Post referred to as, "a kiss-off delivered at sub-zero temperature, booming throughout the smoke-screened alleys of Philly's underbelly." That's far more poetic than anything I'm capable of writing, so I'll leave it at that and direct you on towards the video:

Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers feat. The Intelligence - Fake Surfers

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3/26/2014 7:30:00 PM posted by 1

My Man Shafe - Chips (NBA All Star Weekend Edition):

(Image: My Man Shafe - Chips)

It's been well established at this point that Philly emcee My Man Shafe is a certified hoops addict (and loyal Knicks fan), so it's no surprise that he's cooked something up just in time for the NBA's All Star Weekend down in New Orleans. Like Dr. J joining forces with Moses Malone for a championship run, teaming Shafe up with beats and cuts from Nex Millen is guaranteed to result in a song worthy of the Larry O'. Check it out:

My Man Shafe - Chips (right-click to d/l)

And here's a clip of Shafe performing his now-classic track Street Funk with The TreeTops band:

My Man Shafe & The TreeTops - Street Funk (Live)

As a bonus, here's Shafe's earlier roundball tribute, My J:

My Man Shafe - My J (right-click to d/l)

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2/13/2014 7:30:00 PM posted by 1


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