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The Elohim - The Sharpening Stone

Since we last broke bread during the Pox-eclipse of the Vandals and Visigoths, several of you have bravely crossed into Tomorrow Morrow Land, guided by messenger RNA and other magic, and begun living your best lives, reviving the indoor dining industry, and breathing that Perri-air like it's all good once again. Me, I stay locked down in my cave, banging on this keyboard like an infinite monkey in an attempt to find the next great brick-and-mortar game store and become a Robinhood trillionaire (plug time: go check out my half finished project, tell a friend!).

So yeah, I've been busy. You have too, I bet. But there are a couple of great new projects that have forced me to risk contamination and emerge from my protective bubble just long enough to ramble on a bit and broadcast some links, and I assure you they are worth finding time in your own busy schedule to listen to.

First up is an instrumental album from The Elohim, a production crew of Biblical proportions made up of 33jones fam Bless1 and newcomer Castro. You would never guess after listening to it that this very polished 7 track release called Sharp Metal Objects is the first thing Castro has ever put out. The album would work incredibly well as the score to a high budget crime flick, but is also a great one to load up into your headphones and help you feel like a badass right before you jump into your daily standup Zoom call and tell us all what TPS reports you plan to get done today. The lead track off of the album is The Sharpening Stone, linked up at the top of this post, but every track on here is strong enough to stand on its own.

For all of the many ways you can consume this album, go to The Elohim's link page over here: The Elohim Stream links

In equally important news, the day one homie Zilla Rocca has teamed up with the day one-and-a-half homie Alex Ludovico to release a brand new album, Cocaine & Therapy as a joint release under Insubordinate Records and Three Dollar Pistol. This is hot off the presses - I've had time to listen to it all of once - but just on the strength of everything they've put out over the past decade combined with the 60 or so minutes I've taken to digest the album, I am more than confident enough to recommend you go stop whatever it is you're doing (I mean, what you're doing is reading this so maybe don't stop until you finish up here. yaddadimean and all that.) and go check it out. The first single from the album is Hitters On Deck:

Zilla and the Insubordinate crew have become really good at creating merchandise, and this album release is no exception. There are hats, shirts, hell Ludo might even offer up some actual Cocaine-based therapy if you buy enough copies and can make your way down to Nashville. It all looks legit, so if you have a few bucks to spare go cop some of that too:

Physical copies of the album and Cocaine & Therapy t-shirts can be had at Insubordinate Records.

If digital is more your thing, you can buy a virtual copy of the album (which comes with a free copy of the classic Weak Stomach EP) and a pretty slick shirt over at Three Dollar Pistol.
4/02/2021 7:30:00 pm posted by Fresh