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Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Label: Big East Music Entertainment

Chachi - Like I Do (live on 106 and Park)

As mentioned previously, my boy Charlie Carvalho performed on BET's 106 and Park tonight as part of their Wild Out Wednesday competition. He beat out two other acts, including a hyphy duo that came onto the stage throwing one dollar bills into the audience while looking like a cross between Ronald McDonald and T-Pain. The other two performances were subpar to say the least, but regardless Chachi killed it and came away with over half of the votes. He'll be back on 106 and Park this summer to compete against other Wild Out Wednesday winners.

Apologies for the low sound, you may have to jack up the volume on your computer to hear it. Here's the video of Rocsi announcing him as the winner:

Chachi announced as winner of Wild Out Wednesday

Big ups to my dude Chachi! I can't believe you finally made it on to BET either, homie, congratulations!

The track Chachi performed, Like I Do, was produced by z.jennings, a 15-year old producer out of Providence. Zed is also the kid singing backup in the video.