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He's Hers
Hometown: Boston, MA
Label: Unsigned
(Image - He's Hers: It's Retarded)

New track from Bostonian Chris Brown a.k.a. He's Hers, It's Retarded. The song features production from his younger brother Pips, whose sample-heavy production continues to impress me. As for Chris, an emcee with some great beats of his own, he once again delivers with a tale of love gone bad, even managing to flip a mangled bilingual turn of phrase ("Au contraire, mi amore") into something that sounds dope.

Here's a preview of the track:

He's Hers - It's Retarded (produced by Pips)

Stop by his site,, to download the full track. He's got a few other songs you can listen to while you're over there, the best of the bunch being an instrumental, Kendricks.

We've had two previous features on He's Hers, which include a couple of his other songs you can download:
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