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Bless 1
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Label: Unsigned
(Image - Chicago Reader)

Shortly after I wrote a review of Bless 1's album Starving Artist for OhWord a few weeks ago (read it here if you missed it the first time around), I was contacted by Miles Raymer, a writer for the Chicago Reader. He was in the process of putting together a profile of Bless for his column Sharp Darts and asked me to give him a few quotes for the article. Bless is my dude so I would have done it regardless, but I was particularly excited about it being the Chicago Reader. I grew up reading one of the columns in their newspaper, The Straight Dope, and have always had a certain fascination with the Reader even though it's virtually impossible to find a copy of it out here in Jersey. Anyway, the article went up on Friday, and it's a pretty good read:

Here's a link to the Sharp Darts article (your boy gets quoted halfway through, keep an eye out for it).

For those of you that still haven't downloaded Starving Artist, here's one more track off of the album, produced by Powell:

Bless 1 - Works

Link to download Bless 1's Starving Artist. It's a dope album, plus it's free, so go get it!