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Feed the Beast Week 2:

(Image - Nico: Feed the Beast Week 2)
For week two of "Feed The Beast," Nico's ongoing promotional effort for his album No Beast So Fierce, the audience-selected beats should spark some interest in both old school heads and fans of Lil Wayne. Well, at least until they hear Nico's reinterpretation of Weezy F Baby's original verse at the end of the freestyle:

Nico the Beast - Dey Know freestyle

I must admit that I did like Wayne's verse on Dey Know, if only because of the line, "All my kicks is fly like Liu Kang." I must also admit, however, that I liked Nico's verse even better. His impersonation is spot-on, from the delivery that sounds like it was processed through a five dollar vocoder to the stream of consciousness wordplay.

The second freestyle features the beat from the Beastie Boys classic Paul Revere, a beat that Nico wasn't particularly enamored with. That didn't stop him from tearing it apart, though:

Nico the Beast - Paul Revere freestyle

If you're somehow still not convinced of Nico's skills on the mic, check back next week for another installment of Feed The Beast. If you have a beat you want Nico to spit over, let him know! And if you missed it the first time around, be sure to check out the interview that we did with Nico discussing the new album, No Beast So Fierce.

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