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(Image - Snooperfly)

As mentioned in our earlier interview, DJ Swindle and Frank Lyon have wrapped up their latest project SnooperFly: Snoop Meets Curtis Mayfield (it's actually been out for about a month now, I'm just a little late with the news). Mixing Snoop Dogg acapellas with original beats that Swindle has cooked up from samples off of the SuperFly soundtrack, SnooperFly continues the duo's dominance over the mashup genre.

I've never been a huge fan of Snoop, but you could put just about any MC over a Curtis Mayfield track and I'd give it a listen. As it is, Snoop's laid back flow fits in quite well with Mayfield's sound. The three song EP is included as part of the Mash of the Titans project, more of which I'll try to put up later this week. Here are two of the SnooperFly tracks:

Snooperfly - Pusher
Snnoperfly - G'd Up

To download all of Swindle's previous albums, head over to djswindle.com. For more info on the Snooperfly project, including download links, stop by the MySpace page.

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Artist Info:

DJ Swindle

New York, NY

Swindle Entertainment


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