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Slim Shady Meets the King of Pop:

As longtime readers of the site are already aware, I'm a big fan of DJ Swindle. A couple of years ago, he put out perhaps the greatest mash up album ever, Bobb Deep, mashing Bob Marley with Mobb Deep. Earlier this year, he followed it up with 80 Cent, blending classic 80's beats with vocals from 50 Cent.

Now DJ Swindle has released his latest mash up album for free download, EM-J: Marshall Meets Michael. This is easily the best Eminem-related project to come out in the past couple of years. Here is my favorite song from Em-J:

Eminem and Michael Jackson -- Lose Yourself / Beat It (direct link to mp3 on swindleentertainment.com)

You can download the rest of the album here. View the myspace page for the Em-J project here.

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Artist Info:

DJ Swindle

New York, NY

Swindle Entertainment


Bobb Deep
Slim Shady Meets the King of Pop
Interview with DJ Swindle

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