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Video for Feels Good:

Lady Luck featuring Star and Trap - Feels Good

That's the latest release from Brick City's own Lady Luck. The video's super low-budget, but it's 100% Jersey so it gets my seal of approval. Plus Luck's shown this site some love in the past, so I had to reciprocate.

Lady Luck also recently put out another song as part of the G-Unit/Youtube contest that ended yesterday: Video for Lady Luck's The Bunnyhop

It's kind of depressing to see an MC as nice as Luck having to compete on Youtube for the chance to record a single (the contest winner only gets to record one song) that will, at best, end up on the b-side of Tony Yayo's next album. It's too bad things never worked out between her and Def Jam, because I think she could have found some success as one of the few truly lyrical female MCs out there. Maybe she can fill Olivia's spot on G-Unit.

For more from Lady Luck, stop by her MySpace page.

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Artist Info:

Lady Luck

Newark, NJ



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