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evitaN (Dres and Jarobi) - Give it to Me (produced by Bless1)

This post is about six years overdue, but did you know the legendary Dres from Black Sheep and Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest formed a group called evitaN and put out an album named Speed of Life? Better yet, did you know our man Bless1 did some of the production on it? I completely missed this album when it originally came out, but from a quick listen it's got enough of that "golden era" sound to it without sounding like it's completely stuck in the 90's, and is a solid entry into the grown folk genre of rap that's been developing over the past few years (a topic I'll be addressing at some point in the future, but for those looking to study up on it in advance, Redman's IG page is a good source of it).

To round this post out, here's one of the other songs from the evitaN album featuring Sadat X:

4/1/2019 7:01:02 pm posted by Fresh