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Curly Castro - Walking Razor/Sidney Po

As we head into 2019, one of my goals for the year is to use this space to put the spotlight back on some of the artists that helped support the site over the years and get their music some exposure to whatever audience is still left out there. If nothing else, my moms stays riding for this site so there will be at least one additional view added to whatever gets posted here.

First up is Curly Castro, who we've featured here numerous times over the past decade including an interview that talks about his cosigns from Jazzy Jeff and G-Dep. Castro recently dropped a new album called Tosh that features production and guest features from a few people that should be familiar to long time readers: Zilla Rocca, Small Professor, Willie Green (Know What I Mean?), Blockhead, and a few others make appearances.

The above song - or more accurately "songs," which draw inspiration from Peter Tosh's Stepping Razor and Black Uhuru's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - combined with the title of the album might suggest that Tosh is merely going to be a series of callbacks to classic Reggae tracks, but the album is a lot more varied than that. It's got everything you'd expect from Castro at this point: a smooth flow delivering rhymes that cover everything from the historic to the personal, clearly influenced by dub music but certainly not limited by that influence.

If you want to show Castro some love - or if you're looking for a way to put that Christmas money from grandma to good use - head over to Backwoodz Studioz' site and buy a copy of the album Tosh.

Alternatively, if you are no longer in the Christmas spirit of giving, you can stream the album over on Bandcamp.

While we're here, I want to highlight one more track from the album. The album is sixteen songs deep, and there are several entries worth posting, but one that really interested me was a song produced by Floodwatch. Older heads may recognize that name from the once great music blog Floodwatchmusic, but Flood has since tried his hand at some production work (including a great remix for Bring Me The Head of Zilla Rocca that I can no longer find, but if your DuckDuckGo skills are sharp I'd encourage you to go dig for it). Check it out:

Curly Castro - Dark Skinned Drum (produced by Floodwatch)
1/1/2019 8:30:01 PM posted by Fresh