Thirty Three Jones

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Danny Swain
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Label: Def Jux / 1911 Music
Label Website
(Image - Danny Swain and Naledge from Kidz in the Hall)
Featuring Naledge from Kidz in the Hall, here's the unofficial first single off of Danny Swain's upcoming album And I Love H.E.R.:

Danny Swain and Naledge - Guess Who's Back

Danny mentioned that he's had trouble getting his Def Jux labelmates to appear on his album, but collaborating with Kidz in the Hall is a much better fit for him than, say, Cage, so perhaps it will all work out for the best. Danny "leaked" this song to various blogs late last week, so I suspect many of you have already heard it. Nonetheless, it serves as a good opportunity to give you all one last reminder to check out the interview we did with Danny last week. Go on!