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DJ Skipmode remixes Luchini and Dwyck:

(Image - Electric City's DJ Skipmode)

A couple of months ago, I got in touch with DJ Skipmode (one half of Philly rap group Electric City) and talked to him about his upcoming solo project, Transfusion: The Remix Project (version 1.2). He asked me to hold off on posting any of the tracks from the album until he had a chance to set up a paypal account to sell the album, and I promptly forgot to followup with him. My bad. Better late than never, though, right? Here's my favorite track off of his remix album:

Skipmode and Camp Lo - Luchini Remix

The album has nine tracks, including remixes of O.C.'s Times Up, Gangstarr's Dwyck and a club track featuring Dave Chapelle samples (it sounds better in practice than it does in theory). The remixes feature original beats from Skipmode, which give a fresh, updated sound to classic tracks that we've all heard hundreds of times before. For the remix of Drop It Like It's Hot, Skip even improves on the original beat. Its not always easy taking a familiar track and coming up with a remix worth listening to, but Skipmode manages to pull it off.

For a link to purchase Transfusion: The Remix Project (its only six bucks), and to hear some of his other remixes, stop by his MySpace page.

Shout out to Gramz for giving me the heads up on this one.

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Artist Info:

Electric City

Philadelphia, PA

Bro Kin Records


New Electric City Album
DJ Skipmode remixes Luchini and Dwyck

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