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Curly Castro and Griff - Dreadlocks Falling

I've long daydreamed of winning the lottery (oh word, you have too?) and using some portion of the winnings to bring all of the independent artists that have been featured on this site over the years into one big budget project Roc La Familia style. We'd get some great production, put out songs that make subtle and overt references to 90's hip hop, the merch would be on point, and we'd of course have some crazy videos if we could figure out how to film something in the age of COVID. Turns out while I've been planning this in my head, Griff has actually been executing on all of those things in the real world alongside Alex Ludovico, Jihad Scorcese, Curly Castro, and a bunch of other artists. It's really cool to see not only how well it's coming together, but how polished the finished product(s) have been.

You need some new music in your life, so go check out their extensive catalog on Bandcamp, watch a couple of these videos they just put out, and maybe cop a pair of stitched Joggers.

Griff x Scorcese - Ode to Camp Lo
11/11/2020 7:30:00 pm posted by Fresh