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Kidz Bop - Truth Hurts

"Damn," you remark to no one in particular, your voice muffled by the strip of cloth fabric that's become as much a fixture on your face over the past eight months as the perpetual stubble you long since gave up on shaving once you stopped going into the office.

You continue, this time directing your words towards the device in your hand that has now fully eliminated any need for interaction with other humans in this age of social distancing, "This dude hasn't written anything in over a year, and now he's posting two days in a row? He must have something really important to say."

Thoughts of the past year's social unrest, long-overdue protests against injustice, 1984-grade gas-lighting from the elected officials you were raised to trust, and a viral pandemic that has been as bad as any reality that Matt Damon could have predicted, race through your mind as your focus returns to the screen. "Maybe he's going to address the generational-defining election coming up in just a few days?"


"Give his take on how music creation and consumption has changed as a result of the quarantine?"


"Maybe he'll share his thoughts on how the latest Supreme Court appointee's approach to law could one day cause the existing standards of obscenity to be re-evaluated and how that might have an impact on hip hop."

Nah, son. A younger version of me would be writing page after page with my thoughts on all of that, and I reserve the right to come back to this site before Election Day and do just that, but today I just wanted to share a video. This video has elicited something very rare for me lately as I've attempted to juggle working from home with the duties of raising a baby without the guardrails of daycare and protecting some level of my own sanity: genuine laughter. Seeing how earnestly this blonde girl raps, "I'm 100% that girl" in place of Lizzo's original "That bitch" line makes me smile every single time I watch it. It's great. Take a minute to watch it.

Then go back and watch the original Lizzo video which I continue to argue to this day is one of the best rap songs of the past decade.

(And one last thought. Can anyone confirm that is Open Mike Eagle in Lizzo's video?)

10/28/2020 7:30:00 am posted by Fresh