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As a way of intro'ing this post, I was going to make a really tortured metaphor equating 90's hip hop heads slash gatekeepers to a cargo cult performing intricate rituals involving Polo sweaters, Jansport backpacks, and long-dormant blogs in the hopes of conjuring up the second coming of Illmatic from the clouds. That metaphor was hitting a little too close to home, and required far too much research to understand what a cargo cult even is, so scratch that. The point I'm getting to is that this album that we're going to talk about in the next paragraph really speaks to me.

What you need to know: Cargo Cults is a collaboration from the homie Zilla Rocca and former Def Jux emcee Alaska. They recently ("recently" being a term of relativity, but given it's been over a year since I've posted then anything since January counts as recent) dropped an album, Nihilist Millenial. The album's filled with the kind of heaviness - heavy in regards to both Alaska's rhymes and Zilla's sample-laden beats - that fits the world's current mood quite nicely. Techno-paranoia, hints of ludditism, cynicism, fatigue; it's all represented in here, but delivered with a level of emceeing skill and laid over some great beats that make for an incredible listen regardless of what mood 2020 has put you in.

The song at the top of the post, U/X, is the standout track but give the entire album a listen over here: Cargo Cults - Nihilist Millenial
10/26/2020 7:30:09 am posted by Fresh