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Shakewell - Leglock

Given that this thing has 7 million views on it, I may not be putting you up on anything new. Prior to last week I had never heard anything from San Fernando Valley's Shakewell, but this vaguely menacing video for Leglock has me hooked. The beat is incredible, and Shakewell's rapping is solid, but the visuals are the highlight here. The director, Dan Streit, seems to be on the comeup, having done videos for Trippie Redd, Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, and Dillon Francis. Check out his site for the full catalog.

Here's one other video from Streit featuring Shakewell again, alongside Fat Nick of the SuicideBoys:

Fat Nick featuring Shakewell - Pemex
4/14/2019 7:02:01 pm posted by Fresh