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Prof - Andre the Giant

Given that the above video has damn near 4 million views already, I'm probably not putting you all up on anything new by posting this here. Prof's a new name to me, however, and I only happened to come across him while searching for new stuff from fellow Minnesotan MaLLy (aka Mally from the 612, aka M-A-Double-L-Y, aka the dude who's helped generate about 5% of the content on this site over the past decade). I don't have much to say about Prof, other than this song of his is dope enough to motivate me to post this over the weekend. The song's off of his album Pookie Baby.

Speaking of Mally, at some point I hope to get around to posting all of the stuff he's put out over the handful of years that this site lay dormant, but in the meantime here's one of the highlights of his from the past couple of years. I never considered it prior to hearing this, but a Mally/Bambu joint album filled with socially aware lyrics suddenly seems necessary.

Brother Ali featuring Mally and Bambu - Home Away from Home
1/26/2019 6:00:02 pm posted by Fresh