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Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

As many of you already know, there was a tribute to Mac Miller last night at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, "A Celebration of Life." Money raised from the event went towards The Mac Miller Circles Fund, a charity focused on providing "programming, resources and opportunities to youth from underserved communities, helping them recognize their full potential through exploration in the arts and community building."

I saw a few people mention that the recorded stream from last night's show isn't appearing in youtube's search results, so as a public service I've embedded it above. A few partially coherent thoughts I had after watching it last night:

  • The lineup was incredible, and while there's some stuff you can nitpick (which I'm happy to do, see below) it was a great show and tribute.
  • Yes, as most of the internet has commented on already, the crowd was pretty low energy (though should we expect people at a memorial, even if it is a concert, to be truly turnt up? Or was this a case of the reseller market pricing out most of the people who would've actually been hyped up for this show?).
  • The two bros in the light blue bandanas in the front row at least seemed to know the lyrics to everything.
  • I'm not quite sure how to react to Action Bronson announcing he's "high as a motherfucker," at a tribute for a guy who overdosed on drugs.
  • And staying with that theme, I'm not heavy into Earl Sweatshirt but either he smoked up a little too hard back stage or his songs just don't translate well to live performances.
  • If this is the first introduction to J.I.D. for most people, it probably wasn't enough to hook them. It seemed a strange moment to shout out his new album release date, though Mac did produce some of it.
  • A lot of people in youtube's streaming chat channel seemed confused by Rae Sremmurd's appearance, but they do have a connection to Mac as they moved into his Most Dope house right after him. I actually appreciated the energy they brought to the whole thing.
  • Vince Staples' performance of Rain was the best tribute of the night.
  • SZA, Anderson .paak, John Mayer, Thundercat, Chance, and Schoolboy Q, along with Vince, had the best understanding of what a tribute performance should look like.
  • They were not necessarily great viewed from the perspective of standalone tributes, but outside of that context the performances by Ty Dolla Sign, Miguel, and Rae Sremmurd were all really solid.
  • I'm sure there's some backstory as to why they were not included, but I was surprised Mac's dj Clockwork and Wiz Khalifa didn't make an appearance at least in one of the tribute videos.
And here's the full lineup from the show, jacked from a comment by youtube user Awesome030000:
00:00 - 09:56 - Video of fans as they wait
09:56 - 16:09 - Video Montage (Concert footage, Childhood videos, BTS, TV Performances, etc.)
16:09 - 19:56 - Dylan Reynolds covers Mac's song "Come Back to Earth"
19:56 - 23:57 - J.I.D. performs his song "Lauder"
24:12 - 28:33 - NJOMZA performs an unreleased song of hers (possibly written for Mac given the lyrics)
28:35 - 31:11 - Domo Genesis performs his "Coming Back" which features Mac
31:11 - 31:27 - Domo Genesis says a few words
31:27 - 33:37 - Domo Gensis performs his song "STRICTLY4MYNIGGAZ"
33:57 - 36:24 - Action Bronson performs his song "White Bronco"
36:24 - 41:37 - Action Bronson performs Mac's song "Red Dot Music" which features him (and brings out the producer of the song, The Alchemist, on stage to groove with him)
41:44 - 42:23 - Earl Sweatshirt says a few words before performing
42:23 - 44:33 - Earl Sweatshirt performs his song "Guild" which features Mac
44:33 - 46:12 - Earl Sweatshirt performs Mac's song "New Faces" which features him
46:12 - 47:19 - Earl Sweatshirt says a few more words and grooves and exits to the song "Hey Ma" by Cam'ron
47:32 - 52:13 - Interview video of Mac and Rick Rubin in Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA
52:14 - 55:34 - Ty Dolla $ign performs Mac's song "Cinderalla" which features him
55:34 - 58:03 - Ty Dolla $ign plays guitar for Mac's song "Paper Route" while Chevy Woods, who's featured on it raps
58:03 - 1:01:14 - Ty Dolla $ign performs his song "Blase" *Walks through the crowd during part of this
1:01:36 - 1:04:38 - Vince Staple's performs his song Norf Norf
1:04:38 - 1:05:04 - Vince Staple's says a few words
1:05:04 - 1:07:39 - Vince Staple's performs Mac's song "Rain" which features him
1:08:36 - 1:12:56 - Thundercat plays bass guitar for Mac's song "What's The Use" and Vince Staples comes back out for a bit and raps parts of it
1:12:56 - 1:17:48 - Thundercat performs his song "Them Changes" and John Mayer comes out towards end (1:15:50) to assist with guitar
1:17:57 - 1:20:19 - Juicy J performs his song "Bandz a Make Her Dance" and says some words at the end (1:19:59)
1:20:21 - 1:29:17 - Video plays words from the following: DJ Premier (1:20:21), Tyler The Creator (1:21:18), DJ Jazzy Jeff (1:21:31), A$AP Ferg (1:47:02), Joey Bada$$ (1:22:04), Karl-Anthony Town (1:23:24), 6LACK (1:23:57), Casey Veggies (1:24:19), Dev Hynes (1:24:40), Pusha T (1:25:09), Donald Glover (1:25:28), G-Eazy (1:25:49), Amine (1:26:07), Dillon Francis (1:27:03), Rick Ross (1:27:24), Jason Sudekis (1:27:38), Pharrel (1:28:05), Lil Wayne (1:28:15), The Internet w/Syd speaking (1:53:44)
1:29:19 - 1:31:34 - Anderson .Paak says a few words
1:31:34 - 1:36:17 - Anderson .Paak performs Mac's song "Dang!" which features him
1:36:17 - 1:36:47 - Anderson .Paak hilariously thanks the band (The Free Nationals)
1:36:47 - 1:40:24 - Anderson .Paak performs his song "Tints"
1:42:05 - 1:42:47 - John Mayer says a few words
1:42:47 - 1:47:29 - John Mayer covers Mac's song "Small Worlds"
1:47:29 - 1:54:32 - John Mayer performs his song "Gravity"
1:54:40 - 2:02:22 - Zane Lowe comes on stage to say some words after asking for moment of silence for the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
2:02:30 - 2:05:02 - Miguel performs Mac's song "Weekend" which features him
2:05:02 - 2:10:22 - Miguel performs his song "Pineapple Skies"
2:10:55 - 2:14:17 - Rae Sremmurd performs their song "No Type"
2:14:17 - 2:14:33 - Swae Lee says some words
2:14:33 - 2:19:47 - Rae Sremmurd performs their song "Powerglide" *Swae Lee crowd surfs and walks through crowd, that roll at
2:15:42 lol
2:20:02 - 2:21:02 - Schoolboy Q performs Mac's song "Gees" which features him
2:21:02 - 2:24:37 - Schoolboy Q performs his song "That Part," says Mac was in the studio with him the night he wrote it
2:24:38 - 2:29:42 - Video Montage (Concert Rehearsals, Music Video BTS, other misc. BTS, Concert footage, Music Video clips, etc.)
2:29:48 - 2:35:55 - SZA performs her song "Love Galore"
2:35:55 - 2:36:29 - SZA says a few words
2:36:29 - 2:41:52 - SZA performs her song "The Weekend"
2:42:09 - 2:45:21 - Chance The Rapper performs his song "Blessings"
2:45:21 - 2:49:13 - Chance The Rapper performs his song "Work Out"
2:49:13 - 2:51:13 - Chance The Rapper performs his song "No Problem"
2:51:13 - 2:52:07 - Chance The Rapper says a few words
2:52:18 - 2:55:07 - Travis Scott performs his song "Goosebumps"
2:55:10 - 2:56:56 - Travis Scott performs his song "Sicko Mode"
2:56:56 - 2:56:08 - Travis Scott says a few words
2:58:17 - 3:00:58 - Video of Mac singing and playing an unreleased song on the piano
3:00:58 - 3:01:27 - An audio recording of Mac's voice plays in which he thanks the crowd for coming and wishes everyone a good night while spotlight shines on empty mic stand
3:01:27 - 3:06:27 - Mac's song "BDE" plays while a slideshow of pictures runs while everyone (artists, parents, brother, friends, etc.) comes on stage and hugs/talks. At
3:05:00 song changes to "Coming Back" by Domo Genesis feat. Mac Miller
3:06:27 - 3:07:42 - End Screen showing event graphic?

Finally, if you're still looking for more Mac Miller music after that I would encourage you to check out the mix we posted last week:

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