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Today's release of Jonah Hill's Nineties Era Skateboarding nostalgia porno flick Mid90s, a movie that is shaping up to have the soundtrack of the year, inspired me to dig through youtube to check out the current state of skate videos. I'm several years removed from the last time I skated anywhere more significant than my own driveway - the city I currently live in has a pretty nice skatepark, but the parents hovering around it aren't really on board with a grown man dropping in with pre-teens and, for that matter, neither is my lower back these days - so this is the closest I'm going to get to reliving my days of gleaming the cube.

What I found from a quick roundup of skate videos on youtube is that the quality of camerawork, and the cameras themselves, have gotten to a level that rival some film studios. Both Nike, under their Nike SB line, and Red Bull seem to be the standard bearers for the current crop of videos. Not only that, but due to some combination of increased confidence, decreased fear of significant injury, and increase in overall athleticism, the top tier skaters are now pulling off tricks that seem inspired more by the video game physics of Tony Hawk Pro Skater rather than real world physics. In any event, for this post I picked two of the best Nike videos that I came across.

The above video features NJ's Ishod Wair skating to Mark Morrison's Death Row classic Return of the Mack. For those of you who prefer more recent releases for the background music of your skate videos, below is another Nike SB video featuring Nyjah Huston riding to some Meek Mill and Huncho Jack songs:

If you're interested in reading more about Mid90s, the Ringer has published a couple of great articles about it recently:
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