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Nwerdnerd - Something In My Eye

I saw the above video on Reddit last week, and while it's incredibly raw and unpolished it caught my attention in a way that most amateur clips have not recently. He's got a nice flow, and his ability to jump from the talking points of the Flint water crisis, to Nestle's water mongering, to police bruatility, BLM, and the murder of XXXTentacion coherently showed some real potential. He seems to be in the very early stages of putting out music (I couldn't find any sort of profile page, and at this point he appears to be going be his twitter handle "nwerdnerd"), but based on the feedback he got from Reddit he'll likely be putting out more stuff in the near future.

You can hit him up on twitter @nwerdnerd or on reddit under the same name.
10/16/2018 7:29:15 PM posted by Fresh