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The Clipse -- The Funeral:

Ever since Tupac, in I ain't Mad At Cha seemingly predicted his fate, almost every hard rapper that's come out since has a song about their own deaths somewhere in their catalog. Most of them are blatant bites on Tupac, but the Clipse's Funeral Song covers similar material without sounding anything like the 2Pac pretenders.

Produced by the Neptunes, before they blew up and started producing songs on every album from Jay-Z to Britney Spears, the track starts out with a crazy horn sample when Malice begins speculating about the cause of his demise. Malice and his brother Pusha T (back then, known as Terror) both drop verses that are, to me, as cinematic as anything you are going to hear in any song, in any genre.

From Malice's verse:

Malice was true to the game for 9 innings
We love sinning but now I answer for that
Apologize to my fam I got you all dressing in black

Pusha T's verse:

My mother cried cuz she knew that I was only true to sin
Celebrate my passing with gun shots and systems blasting
Blown up posters of Terror held by children laughing
No matter how foul my burial open casket

The song was part of an unreleased album that was supposed to come out before Lord Willing. Even though the video for The Funeral got some play on BET, MTV never really picked up on it and the album essentially got dropped by East/West Records.

Here's the download: Clipse - The Funeral (mp3)

Here is a link to the video.

And if you don't have it, go get We Got It For Cheap Vol. 2, the Clipse mixtape. Seriously, go order it now. It is by far the best album that came out this year. And I don't mean best mixtape, I mean its the best album period. Malice and Pusha, along with Liva and Sandman, just kill the Put You On The Game beat from The Game's album.

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11/20/2005 7:30:14 PM posted by Fresh

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